ExecOnline to Support Multiple Languages in 2020

ExecOnline is dedicated to being your one partner for all of your L&D needs. As part of this mission, we are expanding our efforts to support multiple languages in 2020! 

We are excited to share that beginning in September 2020, we will offer an immersive experience in Spanish for our suite of Manager Essentials programs, Mastering Management Essentials (MME) and Launch Into Leadership (LIL). Program participants will not require any English proficiency for either program, and all main aspects of the program will be available in Spanish, including asynchronous content, virtual events, and participant support.

At ExecOnline, we are always listening to and working with our 400+ clients to uncover how our programs can best align with their organizational needs. We heard from many of our clients that manager development remains critical to the effective functioning of their organizations. As teams become more globally dispersed, we can best support managers at scale by offering consistent learning experiences in multiple languages.
In 2019 alone, over a thousand managers from around the globe built vital capabilities through ExecOnline’s suite of Manager Essentials programs. Program participants have shared many success stories from their experiences in MME and LIL, and we look forward to bringing these same experiences to Spanish speakers in 2020.

“I am actively challenging all my peers in the management team to look at ourselves and challenge whether we’re being the leaders our people should expect us to be, to ask whether we’re really connecting our people to the business, the vision and the customers.” – Head of Product, Communications Provider

“I’m learning how to bring a team together to meet common goals and how it’s important to align goals with the organization’s strategy. I’m also learning better ways to communicate and how I can be a better manager to team members with different styles.” – Telecommunication Specialist, Investment Management Firm

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