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Our approach to leadership development is unlike traditional executive programs. We deliver a 102x return on investment, on average, to our clients through our focus on real projects, with real impact.

Project Selection

Our programs are built to address real-world challenges. Every program participant is guided in the selection of a critical business challenge for their organization, and then decides on a project within their “span of control” that addresses the issue.

Project Implementation

Leaders apply the knowledge they acquire in our programs to flesh out their project and develop an implementation plan that outlines their specific courses of action after the program is over. Our programs help them forecast the expected financial impact their project will have on their organization over the next year.

Measuring Results

Once a leader implements a project, we work with them to validate the initiative’s ROI. To do this, we survey both managers and program participants 3, 6, and 12 months after the completion of a program to assess the extent to which the project has been implemented and the financial impact it has had on the organization.

Projects Leaders Developed in Our Programs

Achieving Business Unit Alignment

A large medical organization in Europe utilized our Leading & Managing Globally program to align their business units. A VP within the organization developed and implemented a project that coordinated the efforts and investments between their commercial infrastructure, clinical programs, and medical education.

50% increase in efficiency

Business Impact

$10 million

Financial Impact

Formalizing Project Development

A well-known infrastructure services company applied our Building & Leading Effective Teams program to improve employee efficiency. A general manager at the company developed a software and process solution for scheduling projects, resource optimization, and time tracking.

75% increase in employee productivity

Business Impact

$1 million

Financial Impact

[Whitepaper] L&D Investments

Companies spend more than $140 billion each year on L&D, but most cannot accurately measure returns. In our latest white paper, we tackle how organizations can measure their L&D programs by introducing a project-based approach.

Developing Innovative Solutions

A large car rental company used our Implementing Winning Strategies program to identify and address their customers’ needs. A city manager within the organization created a business plan to revamp and rollout a new customer-centric app.

10% increase in customer loyalty

Business Impact


Financial Impact

Reducing Production Time

A food manufacturing company sent employees through our Leading Innovative Change program to develop ways to reduce cost and increase efficiencies. One of the company’s regional directors designed a solution that reduced the production time for their their milling process without increasing costs.

50% increase in customer satisfaction

Business Impact

$2 Million

Financial Impact

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