Coach-Delivered Project Feedback

  • ExecOnline’s Certified Coaches will review program assignments and provide tailored feedback to enhance your leaders’ confidence and how they apply key learnings and frameworks from their experiences to their personal case projects.
  • Seamlessly integrated with all ExecOnline experiences.

  • Project Feedback for Advanced Leader Solutions

    ExecOnline’s Certified Coaches will provide detailed feedback three times throughout the duration of the experience, and your leaders will get to choose the feedback delivery method that works best for their specific learning style — including social, auditory, and/or visual.

  • Project Feedback for Applied Experience Platform

    ExecOnline’s Certified Coaches will record a video of detailed feedback at the end of each experience encouraging your leaders to take the next steps in implementing their Action Plans and continuing their learning journey on the Applied Experience Platform.

  • Why is Project Feedback Valuable?

    Project Feedback provides individualized guidance that enhances your leaders’ experiences

    Coaches’ detailed feedback focuses on what works, what can be improved, and what to focus on next so that your leaders can accelerate the learning process.

    Project Feedback is proven to increase project ROI and create an even bigger impact within your organization.

Project Feedback Experience & Testimonials

  • Insights in 2 -3 Business Days

    Each leader will receive Project Feedback deliverables from their dedicated ExecOnline Coach within 2-3 business days of assignment submission.

  • 22% Higher Projected Impact

    Leaders who receive Project Feedback have, on average, a 22% higher projected financial impact per participant than those who did not receive feedback.

The feedback was helpful, as I struggled early on to fully define my challenge. The feedback helped point out gap areas so that I could focus on them.

Senior Director
Financial Services Company

Having graduated from multiple ExecOnline courses now, I think project feedback adds a lot of value to the experience. I would encourage every company / every leader to allow this as a default for every participant in a course.

Senior Director
Pharmaceutical Company

Featured Experts

  • Harpreet Chana

    Pharmacist, UnitedHealth Group

    Since qualifying as a pharmacist she has held only leadership roles, completing the UnitedHealth Group Management Programme in 2011. From 2012 she held senior positions in two national bodies, managing a number of high profile projects and successfully negotiating with the government and NHS.

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  • Dayana Cabeza

    Executive Team Coach

    Bi-Lingual Spanish/English Executive and Team Coach, Organizational Development Coach, and Facilitator with over 18 years of diversified industries expertise in the US and Latin American financial services industry, holding various leadership positions in Compliance and Financial Crime Prevention, Analysis and Research, Quality Control, Customer Service, Financial Management, and Human Resource Management.MBA - Finance, University of Florida; MS in Economic Crimes Management, Syracuse University/Utica College; Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation (ICF); Certified Coach in Agility and Business Transformation, the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile)

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  • Jonathan T. Senger

    JRNI Certified Coach

    A JRNI certified coach, Jonathan has more than 20 years industry experience in Corporate IT, B2B Consulting and Leadership in firms ranging from small start-ups to large, publicly traded and multinational companies. Former VP of Managed IT Services with areas of expertise ranging from network engineering and system administration to sales and consulting to overall business management. founder and managing director of three start-ups.

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Who should receive Project Feedback?

All ExecOnline participants can benefit from Coach-Delivered Project Feedback.

How is Coach-Delivered Project Feedback different from Leadership Coaching?

Coach-Delivered Project Feedback is focused specifically on participants’ assignments and final projects in order to help them build the best possible final project submission. Leadership Coaching focuses on participants’ leadership development needs and capability gaps. Leadership Coaching does not need to occur in conjunction with an ExecOnline experience.

What is the turnaround time for the participant to get the Feedback?

Participants will receive Coach-Delivered Project Feedback deliverables within 2-3 business days of assignment submission.

How will participants be notified that they have received Feedback?

Participants will receive an email when their Project Feedback has been uploaded to the ExecOnline Platform, and they will also see a notification when they log into the Platform. Feedback can be found in the “Personalized to You” section in the “Resources” tab of the Platform and is accessible only to that participant.