This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about ExecOnline, please fill our our Contact form.

General Questions

What Is ExecOnline?

ExecOnline takes the traditional in-person development environment and transforms it online to provide enterprises with quality and engaging professional development.

ExecOnline provides your organization with access to elite institutions that each offer world-class instruction across a range of subject areas. We give you the ability to work with multiple schools in one of their recognized areas of strength, while also providing uniformity and excellence for the organization and the learner.

What business schools are currently partnered with ExecOnline?

ExecOnline is currently partnered with Columbia Business School, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, MIT Sloan School of Management, Yale School of Management and IMD Business SChool. Plans for expanding further partnerships are underway and will be announced throughout the year. To stay updated with this progress, please join our newsletter.

Are you hiring?

Absolutely, yes. We’re always looking for motivated and bright talent to join our team. If interested, check out our jobs page.

I have a technical program or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

The best way to get in touch with us is to email us at

What is ExecOnline doing for enterprises?

Companies don’t have to limit the number of executives they can send for training anymore. ExecOnline programs are less expensive than in-person development programs since they’re facilitated online, don’t require sending employees away for training (which means they can send more people), and prepares all executives to talk the same language so they can apply positive change to the organization.

The programs offered by ExecOnline stem from the needs of their clients. For example, a company mentioned they needed assistance in strategy; ExecOnline spoke with Columbia to identify the best program that would fit this request. ExecOnline plans to continue this mentality to support programs driven by their clients.

What is ExecOnline doing for executives?

Executives don’t have to pay for the programs themselves as this is an enterprise solution and is invested in by the organization. Each program has been created to be flexible and to work with each executive’s busy schedule with the opportunity to apply everything they learn instantly into their daily work routine. Upon completing their course, each executive receives a certification from their respective elite business school.

For Program Participants

How is the program structured?

Programs take place over a three to six-week period, preceded by a week of Orientation. Program Weeks run Monday through Sunday. Programs occur entirely on our online Executive Engagement Platform (Platform). The Platform is where you will watch video lectures, upload assignments, and engage with faculty and fellow participants. Your Program is divided into weekly units called Modules. Each Module is comprised of a number of learning sections, or Segments, which include self-paced video lectures, assignments, and interactive exercises. As part of the online Modules, your Program features live, interactive activities and events, representing valuable opportunities to connect, share, discuss, and practice with faculty and other participants.

ExecOnline follows a sequential learning approach, which is an important feature of your overall development experience. Participants complete Segments in the order presented. That is, each new Segment may be accessed only once you complete the preceding Segment. Your Program is structured so that the learning content builds upon that which has already been experienced and mastered.

If I know I will be traveling, can I work ahead or get the materials before I reach a future Module?

All lectures, assignments, case studies and readings pertain to the specific concepts presented by the professors in the video lectures and are best completed when that material is being presented, however, the ExecOnline team can “open up” future Modules to better suit your schedule and allow you to work ahead and download upcoming assignments.

How many hours per week am I expected to devote to the program?

Past participants report that they devoted 4-5 hours to complete each weekly module  – video lectures and assignments – and participate in team meetings and other live program events – more if they engaged in available optional activities or allotted more than the recommended time when completing assignments.

 How should I structure my time during the course?

Each “Program Week” begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. In order to both stay on track and gain the full benefits of the program, past participating executives have expressed the importance of setting and adhering to a “study plan” each week. While your own study plan will be unique given your weekly work schedule and other obligations, here are some best practices to consider:

  • Each Monday, preview that week’s module and assess the length of the videos, number of assignments due, and any required/optional live events.
  • Each Monday through Wednesday, view the lectures. Be sure to take notes and discuss with your Buddy what you have learned and its applicability to your final assignment and overall company or departmental objectives.
  • By Thursday of each week, get started on that week’s assignment(s). Review lectures and your notes as needed. Continue get and share feedback with your Buddy. Remember: assignments are due by Sunday of a given week by 11:59 p.m. (US Eastern Time).
  • Consider the timing of your Team Meeting as those often involve discussion of that week’s video lecture content and application exercises. It is ideal to complete related viewing and course work prior to those meetings so you can fully engage in the topics at hand.

Whatever schedule works for you, we highly recommend that you pace yourself and that you do not “cram” everything into a short period of time or until the “last minute.”

What if I fall behind in my weekly course activities?

While it is important for participants to stay on course from week to week in order to get the most out of their learning experiences, if you fall behind or anticipate falling behind due to work or other obligations, we’re here to help you get caught up. Contact a member of our Support Team at to discuss your case.

Will I receive a grade?

ExecOnline provides non-degree programs at which no grades will be provided. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a formal Certificate of Completion from your corresponding business school such as, Columbia Business School, UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education, or MIT-Sloan.