“By utilizing the strategic idea, we received approval to implement a new product that will cut approximately 20% of the cost. It is expected to generate an additional $1 million in revenue each year.”

– GM, Asia Pacific Operations, Power Company

“We successfully rolled out a treasury management program, gaining exclusivity and capturing complete market share on all transactions within the facility. We saw an increase in overall loan volume and increased new business opportunities.”

– Vice President, Financial Services Organization

“I initiated improved program management and scope definition for a critical quality issue. This improved product quality, operational speed and profitability – $250,000 savings per 1% improvement in yield. We have improved by 5% so far.”

– SVP manufacturing & Logistics, Technology Company

“Based on my project, we implemented a streamlined quality system process resulting in reduced man-hours, improved quality, aligned priorities and increased communication.”

– Director of Quality Engineering , Pharmaceutical Company


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